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Discover 3 Positive Psychology Breakthroughs to Consciously Manifest a Life of Purpose, Abundance & Fulfillment

Join The Acclaimed Yoga And Meditation Teacher, Lily Goncalves, As She Reveals The Key Positive Psychology Practices & Self-Empowerment Rituals You Can Use To Breakthrough Self-Limiting Beliefs And Self-Sabotaging Habits So You Can Experience More Happiness, Attract Greater Abundance & Start Living Your Best Life.

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Teacher: Lily Goncalves | M.ED, E-RYT 500

Discover 3 essential positive psychology breakthroughs with Lily Goncalves, the founder of the award-winning Blooming Lotus Yoga retreat center of Bali.

For over 20 years Lily has helped thousands of students deepen their yoga and meditation practices, find purpose, live healthier and connect to the Divine. With a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology, from the University of B.C. in Canada, her time starring on Namaste TV, and her intensive immersion in the ashrams of South India, Lily bridges the gap between the mystical and spiritual practices of the sages of India, with a grounded, practical and scientific approach to body/mind/spirit integration.

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You Will Learn & Receive:


A Complete 45 Min. Training Video

Teaching you the 3 essential positive psychology breakthroughs you can use to develop unshakable confidence, attract more abundance and re-shape the areas of your life where you feel stuck  


A 15 Minute Guided Meditation MP3

To learn how to consciously adjust your brainwaves so you can let go of any negative thoughts and emotions that prevent you from embodying your authentic self


A Step-By-Step Morning Ritual To Rejuvenate & Renew The Brain

Learn the “Rise And Shine” ritual and how to easily wake up early each morning so you have more energy throughout the day 


The Foundations Of Food Combining

Learn the 2 simple adjustments you can make to your existing diet to enhance cellular purification and improve digestion


The "Contentment Mindset"

Learn why wanting more is the main reason you actually have less and how gratitude is the master key to unlocking abundance in all areas of your life


The Power Of Conscious Manifestation & Living In The "Flow"

Discover how to live in the “flow” state and how to use the power of the mind to attract more synchronicities, positive people & opportunities into your life.


How To Connect To Your Authentic Self & Let Go Of Self-Doubt

Learn how to let go of patterns of self-doubt and negative emotions that reinforce unhealthy habits, attract toxic relationships, limit your success, and build up subconscious anxiety & stress so you can live in alignment with your soul’s true calling.


A 3 Page Training Notes PDF

To help you learn better and reference after the training

and so much more!

What People Are Saying …

“Led Me To A Higher Sense Of Purpose

I could sit by Lily’s side for hours listening to her wise words. They’ve lead me to a higher sense of purpose in my own life and encouraged me in times of doubt.  This was exactly what I needed at the exact right time. I sometimes feel stuck in my life and am so honoured and grateful to Lily for sharing these amazing tools.
Caroline Pajewski

Owner/Director of Recline Yoga Studio

“Accelerated My Personal Growth

If you are seeking to separate from the distractions of ordinary life and the identity you’ve formed of yourself to go deep within and accelerate your personal growth, then Lily’s teachings embody immense wisdom that will crack your heart wide open. You will be transformed with a renewed sense of spirit and a passion to be a force of positivity in the world.

Stephanie Breese

Creative Art Producer

“More Than I Could Have Ever Asked 

Lily’s wisdom and guidance will help you to find strength, peace and to truly let go. If you are looking to embark on a journey that will fill you with love and insight, then this is for you!

Melinda Baker

Freshwater Conservationist

An Established Global Leader in Yoga & Meditation Training for over 10 years

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Discover The
3 Breakthroughs to Consciously Manifest A Life of Purpose, Abundance & Fulfillment

Plus, positive psychology practices & self-empowerment rituals that will help you breakthrough your self-limiting beliefs so you can experience more happiness, attract greater abundance & start living your best life!

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